Jim Sackuvich

Vital Statistics
- Driver: Jim Sackuvich
- Date of Birth: October 17, 1961
- Hometown: Raymore, Missouri
- Category: Pro Nitrous (PDRA) / Mid-West Pro Mod Series
- Car Owners: Jim and Lisa Sackuvich
- Crew Chief: Andy Copeland
- Most Memorable Moment in Racing: “The first time Me and my son Jimmy won on the same day.”

When you hear about it for the first time, Jim Sackuvich’s thirty-plus-year drag racing career has been nothing short of noteworthy. Seen by his peers as the definition of a rags to riches story of a former forklift and heavy machinery mechanic that climbed the ranks to become a professional race car driver. A first-generation driver, Sackuvich has driven many kinds of race cars. From street/strip muscle cars, to bracket cars, and now pro mods, he has truly done it all. He has climbed his way up the ladder in fast doorslammer racing, and is now a bonafide contender for the Mid-West Pro Mod Series Championship.

Jim Sackuvich got his start in racing in 1983 when he purchased a purpose built blue 1968 Chevy Camaro that he still owns to this day that he affectionately calls, “Old Blue”. He has driven this car for the entirety of his career and swears he will never sell it. Sackuvich states, “That car means way too much to me to even think about getting rid of. You take that car away from me, You take away my first love.” He progressed from the grassroots side of racing and eventually would move his impact to the national stage.

After years of local bracket races and competition in the incredibly competitive category of Super Gas, Sackuvich decided he needed an even greater challenge. He wanted to enter the world of fast bracket racing. In 2011, Sackuvich bought a brand new 1968 Camaro Top Sportsman car from Jerry Bickel Race Cars that this time was painted a sinister black and silver stripes scheme. He competed in Top Sportsman for several years before stepping up again in 2013 to Pro Nitrous and has never looked back since. Sackuvich has truly come a long ways in the sport of drag racing.

Jim is truly a jack of all trades. His true occupation is a professional race car driver, but he is a skilled mechanic and also is capable for jobs including electrical, home improvement, and even plumbing. He brings his hard-working attitude to the racetrack, where he is never afraid to work on something in a time of need. Sackuvich states, “I want to show the value of hard work to my son [Jimmy]. He is such a talented kid and if he focussed just a little bit more on school and racing he could really be something special.” He is excited to see where life takes the Father and Son team in the near future.

Sackuvich currently pilots a brand new Jerry Bickel-built 1969 Camaro in Pro Nitrous competition. Taking a steady, methodical approach when it comes to sorting out a race car is the hallmark of a veteran competitor, and Sackuvich, who hails from Raymore, Missouri, has certainly earned that designation based on his countless years of on-track experience. Respected throughout the pits and known for having down-to-earth demeanor and an absolutely deadly consistent driver. No challenge is too big for the veteran racer. He has truly earned his way to the top of the pack in PDRA Pro Nitrous and the Frankenstein Engine Dynamics Mid-West Pro Mod Series.

On the personal side, Jim and Lisa own a company called ARJ Infusion Services, which has locations throughout the Midwest. The company has been in existence since 2000 and provides home infusion therapy to people affected by chronic disorders. “Lisa is the president of the company and handles most of the business while I’m mainly responsible for the race cars and making sure they are ready to go,” Jim said. “I do whatever needs to be done in that respect, and of course I get a lot of help from my sons. I can’t thank my family enough for their support.”

He is well-liked by his peers and his fans alike. A true rags to riches story in his own right, Sackuvich has accomplished just about all there is in the sport, except for the most coveted prize of all, becoming a Champion. This season with the help of his family run team, Jim Sackuvich looks to cement his legacy in racing and go after the first Points Championship of his storied career. The road to that will always be terrifying and difficult, but to Jim Sackuvich, he wouldn’t want to earn it any other way.